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House design with many set-offs and floor-to-ceiling windows for the harmony with a landscape.
About the Project
GLASSHOUSE is a 1400 sqm private modern style house in a forest village with a lake. The design of the house was envisioned to have a great number of set-offs and floor-to-ceiling windows for the creation of the harmony with the landscape.
Land area
11600 sq.m
Total floor space
1400 sq.m
Swimming pools
Let's start with a talk
We were recommended to the client by his friends. At the first stage we analyzed the information for the shaping of the house concept at Onehouse office.
During the discussion, we learned about values and principles of the family, and everyone contributed their vision and ideas to the house concept.
Our architect had to combine all the ideas and thoughts into one cohesive architectural project. Thus the GlassHouse was born.
The client envisioned a common family zone in a spacious house from which everyone could go to their part of the house without crossing paths with relatives.
Still, even in a big friendly family with adults and small children, everyone wants to have some privacy from time to time.
We had to come up with an interesting, outstanding project, that would differ from off-the-shelf solutions.
Concept and Details
Main entrance with a V-shaped roof on columns leads to the central space of the house - a parlor. It has a specialty that draws attention.
A ladder fixed by wire ropes, hovering in a spacious room with a floor-to-ceiling windows and the abundance of light.
There is a door to the court yard with a pond, a garden and a futuristic sculpture.
The design also includes an interior swimming pool, a gym, a sauna, a lounge zone, a library and a garage with six car spaces.
House Plan
First floor
Second floor
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When work on a project documentation is finished, we look for optimum solutions for project implementation. We try to optimize every construction stage without giving up quality and reliability.
Concept Video
In this case a monolithic frame with cast-in-place blocks was opted.
Also, this technology helps to realize even the most nonstandard ideas and planning concepts.
Cast-in-place blocks construction is a popular practice that helps to save a considerable part of a budget in comparison to a completely monolithic construction.
Simple and Comfortable
A house should be comfortable, spacious and cozy rather than a maze of complicated systems.
That's why in this project we used a Smart House technology that allowed us to join all communications into one AI powered system.
It is programmed and adjusted to peculiarities and wishes of the owner.
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