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About Us

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Архитектурное проектирование
Onehouse is an architectural and constructional company with a complex approach to design and building of luxury country houses.
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Our portfolio lists more than 200 private villas and dozens of unique commercial real estate projects. The heads of our company are professionals with many years of experience in design and construction around the world.
117 200 м
Developed area
3200 м
Area of the biggest private house
Objects abroad
300 750 м
Designed premium real estate
Cities with our architecture
Team members
Key persons
Andrey Yudin
Director General
Dmitri Soloviev
Commercial Director
Vsevolod Petrushin
Chief Architect
Yegor Gvozdjanyj
Pavel Bozhenko
Construction Director
Elina Verner
Senior Designer
Natalya Borovleva
Aleksandr Figurov
Architect Engineer
Ruslan Latypov
3D Specialist
Ilya Ganin
Project Manager
Ekaterina Akimceva
Project Manager
Maksim Maksimchuk
Sales Manager
Mariya Pogudina
Purchasing Manager
Julia Batrakova
Business Assistant
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