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Modern interior with Art Deco elements
Objectives and goals
Our task was to design a modern and functional interior. One of the main wishes of a client was to have effective and comfortable areas for guests.
The modern style of the interior is embodied in the strict forms of cabinet and upholstered furniture. Kitchen and wardrobes with sleek fronts, sofa and armchairs with pronounced straight lines. Walls without moldings and other stucco decoration.
Art Deco brass elements make the interior light and elegant: stair rails and tables, cabinet handles, lamps. An important accent and navigation element is the staircase with brass railing.
Main Zone
One of the key features of the project is the combination of delicate color palette and vivid details. In the main area we use green armchairs and chairs: such color accents do not overload the space and make the interior look more spicy.
We put a unique composition of lamps above the sofa group.
The island with plants has not only an aesthetic function, but also separates the living area from the dining room.
In the second floor hall we placed a small seating area with shelves for books.
Master Bedroom
The master bedroom is decorated in a reserved color scheme. The accent is the bed with a high and soft headboard in a soft milky color and a designer lamp above it. Brass profiles give the room a warm golden glow and coziness.
We applied a contrasting combination of white and black porcelain stoneware. The combination of precious natural stone texture with brass fixtures create an elegant and sophisticated interior.
Guest bedroom
For the guest bedroom we chose gentle and calm colors and used different decor style to create a cozy atmosphere; the final touch was bedside tables and pendant lamps with brass finish.
Children bedroom
For the nursery we used a contrasting combination of blue upholstered furniture and terracotta walls.
Children's Bathroom
A stylish and modern combination of marble and wood. The contrast of airy, pale white marble and dark walnut gives the room a cozy feel.
For the SPA and recreation area we used natural colors and natural materials: wooden furniture, walnut-like wall panels, and milky-colored porcelain stoneware. We focus on the pool bowl with a group of designer lamps.
From the Author
The modern style does not dictate rigid rules and allows you to mix different trends so the conservative beige interior can sparkle with new colors.
Bright accents, unusual color combinations, designer lamps create an expressive interior, and Art Deco elements make it truly sophisticated.
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