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Modern interior with Art Deco elements

About the Project

The interior is made in the art deco style with glass, precious woods and natural leather application.
The style is characterized by strict geometric shapes, bright colors of upholstered furniture, expensive materials in the decoration of the space. A striking element of the house is a biofireplace.


Art Deco is a style, carefully balanced between classics and modernity in one project.
We adopted planning solutions, austerity of lines and calm tones of decorations from the classics. Then we added some bright modern accents.
Unusual objects of architecture and design pieces of furniture, stairs in the hallway, wardrobe with fireplace in the living room

Project Highlights

An extraordinary solution was to install a pool bowl on the top floor. Thanks to this, we had created several rooms with high ceilings and made them two-tiered.
In one children's room the sleeping area was moved to the second tier, having organized a play space below.
The second chidren's room was turned into a wardrobe.
Another unique find of the designer was a two-level dressing room in the main block.

From the Author

The main goal of any project is to satisfy the wishes of a customer and create a home where anyone would want to return over and over again.
In this project, a number of tasks were solved during the construction process. The client actively participated and made adjustments.
All the client's wishes were taken into account and harmoniously integrated into the project concept. We managed to create a precise balance of visual harmony and functionality.
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