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Practical and functional minimalist interior
Minimalism in design, practicality in operation
Practicality is always important to our clients. Minimalism serves this task better than others. This style is comfortable for life, and it makes the interior relevant and functional.
This will turn strict minimalist interior into a warm and welcoming one. One accent color is chosen for each room.
In the interior, we use the most practical and high quality materials with natural textures.
The hall is designed in the same style as the main area. One of the walls is covered with light colored plaster to reflect natural light.
In parlor we experimented with finishes. Faux stone porcelain stoneware combined with darkened mirror facades of a closet.
In addition to a place for sleep, we designed a relaxation area for reading books with an armchair and a floor lamp.
Second Floor Hall
Here, due to the peculiarities of architecture, we have a spacious two-height space with a clear rhythm of columns.
To unite this space with the first floor we used wood finish.
Hall Lighting Solutions
Concealed skirting boards with backlight for dimmed night light
Light pendant lights above the stairs
Illumination of individual functional areas
Decorative lighting in furniture structures
Lack of ceiling light
Sconces on columns
Main Bedroom
The bedroom consists of 2 parts. We created a different atmosphere for each of them while maintaining a single stylistic solution. In one part, a version with a darker finish, in the other - light shades of textiles and wood.
Glass boxes with plants visually separate the zones without depriving the bedroom of natural light serve as a connecting link.
This project uses Italian and domestic furniture.
Walk-in Wardrobe
In a dressing room we use open storage systems, add a dressing table and a full-length mirror closer to the exit.
In the bathroom, all areas that contact with water are covered with faux wood and dark stone tiles; the rest of the walls are treated with light moisture-resistant decorative faux concrete plaster.
Thus, a balance of dark and light is maintained in the room.
An extensive list of kitchen gadgets pushed us towards an exceptional planning solution: to allocate a separate wall for cabinets with appliances.
We used the shelf stand to make the column look less apparent.
Mixing styles
In some areas, to create a special atmosphere, we have added oriental motifs (relaxation space) and elements of the Japanese movement wabi-sabi (massage rooms).
This gives the interior a special charm and uniqueness.
Swimming Pool
We divided the pool area into 3 functional zones: swimming, relaxation and a bar area. They maintain the general concept of minimalism and practicality.
The bar area is distinguished by a wooden rack with a pleasant texture for collectible liquor.
From there, the architect draws our gaze to the viewpoints from the picture windows. This is how it turned out to be a place where both your body and soul can relax.
The rest of the rooms
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