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Guest House Project in Modern Style

About the Project

The guest house for receiving guests and holding dinners is made in a modern style. The house has a large functional kitchen and two dining areas. One is for a family dinner, and the other is for a large feast of 20 people.
We have created a light, airy interior for a large number of guests. We also used two sofa groups for relaxation.
Wooden partitions and racks were used to visually separate the zones. This made the space free and open. Comfort is created by natural materials of the decoration.

Focus on Functionality

We had taken modern style as a basis, and then Art Deco elements added sophistication to the project. We decided to use wooden slatted structures for separation. Simplicity of lines, natural materials and visual weightlessness gave the desired effect.

Non-standard Solutions as a Highlight of the Facility

Obviously, we had to provide separate lighting for each zone, but it was important to maintain the overall tone of the lighting.
Another unordinary solution was the combination of Art Deco furniture items with solid wood products.
This rare combination fits well into the overall concept of the facility.
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