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Incredibly beautiful project. A brave concept for a comfortable country life.

Tasks and Aims

The task was to design a house for a young family with children. We discussed a set of rooms and clarified some important details. They purposefully didn't provide us with baselines and references not to limit a designer's creativity.
Land area
3000 sq.m
Total floor space
1200 sq.m
Still, every client has an idea of how his perfect house looks like.
Our main goal was to imagine their perfect house after a few meetings without any hints.
We combined two design solutions. The first, the house has no even and perpendicular walls.
Areas are scattered like stones on the ground. There are living spaces between them, united by glass and filled with light.
The second solution came unexpectedly from the client's failed topo survey. We shrunk the house and highlighted the face of the building while cutting excessive volume.
Project Architecture
The frontispiece is made of light sandstones with a beautiful pattern.
The idea came from soviet architecture where sandstones were used for administrative buildings, publishing houses and broadcasting centers.
Floor Plan
All living areas are located on the southern, sunny side, while all technical areas on the northern side. On the west side there is a SPA block with a swimming pool and a terrace.
We made veranda a separate building with a guest house under one awning.
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Project Highlights
A huge panoramic window in a guest area with a second-level space facing the sunny side and divided by vertical supporting beams with mirrors.
This design solution protects the space from prying eyes and ensures privacy.
The second floor has two open terraces: the first one in a master bedroom, and the second in the opposite wing, above main and guest houses.
We lifted the SPA block 1,5 meters above the ground which opened an impressive view on the lot and solved the problem with the basement location for the pool basin.
From the Designer
Courage was the motto of this project. People can react negatively to bold concepts, and it's understandable
However, this project proved that most often clients are ready for unconventional solutions.
And even more than that - they get excited and start to add brave ideas themselves. The concept received a warm welcoming from our clients. We have successfully reached our goal.
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