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A spectacular cocktail of original shapes and classic materials

Tasks and Aims

Our task was to design a house for a young family in modern style with elegant architectural techniques.
Land area
2800 sq.m
Total floor space
850 sq.m
Swimming pools
The unexpected shape of the cottage is compensated by rather simple cladding materials.
The unusual shape of the house is stemming from an extremely non-standard shape of the lot with a long elongated part facing the forest to the south
It was impossible to place the house in this part entirely, but it would at the same time be a lost opportunity not to use the location this beautiful. That's how a cantilever extension with a beautiful view on the forest was created.
Project Architecture
We have chosen two main materials for the facade: black painted metal and sandstone panels. Sandstone is an echo of the Soviet past, but if you look at it with a fresh eye you can see its interesting texture and unique shades. In contrast, the sandstone is complemented by a black-painted metal that takes on a graphite hue in the sun.
Floor Plan
The guest bedroom and common areas such as the living room, dining room, kitchen were placed on the first floor according to the classic scheme. All these rooms, together with the terrace, are oriented to the south.
A sleeping block with five bedrooms is located on the second floor. The main bedroom was placed in the cantilever extension which also serves as a terrace awning and protects the ground floor from weather elements.
First floor
Second floor
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Project Highlights
We raised the SPA block with the pool and the rest of the rooms above the ground so we didn't have to make a basement mechanical story, and to provide enough sunlight to the recreation areas.
For comfortable work we placed the offices in the northern part and made a separate path to a tea gazebo, so that one could go to the green oasis with a laptop and change their working environment.
One of our signature touches is the portal entrance with an unusual staircase shape. This is an iconic technique of the Venetian sculptor-architect Carlo Scarpa.
Then a carport over the garage with a semicircular cut: a simple reference to history and great masters of architecture make a low-rise building project truly special.
From the Author
A unique custom design that combines bold shapes and simple materials. Nonstandard solutions are always an interesting challenge and solid growing points to us.
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