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Modern and Functional Minimalist Home

Taks and Aims

Our task was to design a house for a family with four children. The difficulty was in the irregular shape of the lot enclosed by roads overlooking the neighboring houses.
We paid special attention not only to the house but also to its location on the lot to create a certain privacy and protect the family from prying eyes while providing the premises with natural light.
Land area
2000 sq.m
Total floor space
600 sq.m
The project is a prime example of modern architecture: functionality, simple geometric shapes, integrity, panoramic glazing, and flat roofing.
Project Architecture
For the facing of the facades, large white marble-look porcelain stoneware panels, thermowood slats and larch planks were used.
The dining area provides access to a covered terrace with a real fireplace which can be admired both in the fresh air and from the house through panoramic windows.
Floor Plan
The living area with a lot of glazing was placed on the sunny side with a beautiful view on the courtyard and landscape. It includes: a living room, a kitchen, a hall with a staircase to the second floor and a large outdoor terrace.
The technical zone was located in the northeastern part including: a bathroom, a laundry room, a boiler room, a garage and a small warehouse. At the entrance to the second floor, in a large hall, there is a playroom for children.
Four bedrooms are located on different sides of the hall. All bedrooms have a small balcony and a bathroom with a storage room on the north side of the floor.
Project Highlights
Another important feature of the project is a panoramic window in the living room with a second-level space in the form of a portal which unites two floors.
In minimalist style every structural element performs it's dedicated function. The best example in our project would be small protrusions on the side walls which limit the viewing angles from the road and protect the bedrooms from prying eyes.
From the Author
Striving for functionality in our projects, we began to turn to minimalist style more often. Simple geometric shapes perfectly arrange the premises, while modern materials make this home cozy and comfortable for the whole family.
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