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Modern office with the elements of loft and Scandinavian style

Tasks and Aims

Our task was to design and launch an office for a training company in a business center. We took upon ourselves the communication and coordination with the engineers of the business center to finish the work as soon as possible.
Total area
187 sq.m
Lecture hall area
64 sq.m
Number of zones
Lecture hall area
The modern office interior will stay relevant for many years due to the mix of styles: loft, Scandinavian and eco-style elements.
We also used a large number of glass partitions to zone the rooms. They preserve the unity of the office space and make it as light as possible.
Floor Plan
We made two exits for better accessibility, and the reception area was placed in the center between them uniting the entire space.
It's not limited to just a single task of helping visitors to orient themselves, it also serves as a bright accent in the design.
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We enliven the strict interior of the office with a painting and a coffee table.
Warm colored items not only bring accent colors, but also create a cozy place for change of activity and rest.
Meeting Room
In the meeting room, we uphold a business spirit and use distracting elements as less as possible.
We give preference to ergonomic furniture and lighting for a favorable microclimate. We place designer lamps directly above a conference table.
Lecture Hall
A lecture hall with comfortable soft chairs and a stage for speakers with a projector can take up to 90 people.
Due to a large space, we could use dark color for the walls and add colors that increase concentration: green, yellow, blue and beige wood strips.
Vertical gardening highlights the concept of eco-style and healthy living. Plants release oxygen, trap dust and humidify the air. A small oasis of nature pleases the eye, creating a feeling of close contact with nature.
Green Wall in the Hall
The result is quite interesting color combinations, the office has become cozy and modern. I think the students will be happy to attend our client's trainings.
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