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Four-story house with emphasis on brutality

Tasks and Aims

Our task was to design a house for a comfortable living of a family of three. It was important to take into account a three meters drop to correctly position the building on the lot.
Land area
4500 sq.m
Total floor space
1350 sq.m
Swimming pools
Amidst the rave of nature a 42-meter-long and 30-meter-deep house grows and organically fits into a picturesque landscape.
We use in the project a unique combination of modern classics and hi-tech style. Black color, matte and textured surfaces give the house a brutal and premium look.
Project Architecture
Due to the difference in the relief, the house is divided in four tiers. Longer than a standard five-entry building, the property presents itself as a cohesive whole.
The spaces flow smoothly from one to another. Straight lines, cubic shapes and picture windows give rhythm to the facades.
In the living room and bedrooms, sliding portal window systems are used. They allow the interior space to merge completely with the picturesque landscape around the house.
Floor Plan
The first floor is divided into a technical block, a residential block and a SPA zone. On the second floor there are two guest bedrooms with bathrooms.
A wine cellar and technical rooms for the pool were located on the basement floor.
First floor
Second floor
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Project Highlights
From the SPA-zone with a gym and a 15-meter swimming pool a view on the upper tiers of the house opens up through a panoramic glazing.
There is a rooftop terrace for sports activities. It can be climbed by a metal spiral staircase.
From the Author
The undoubted aesthetic value of the project lies in the unusual style, scale and internal organization of the space.
The house stands out from other modern style villas and will certainly become one of the iconic objects of the Moscow region.
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