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Private house project in an ultramodern style on a pine forest plot.
About the Project
The Implementation of a private house project in an ultramodern style on a plot in a pine forest cottage village.
Land area
8600 sq.m
Total floor space
1 600 sq.m
Swimming pools
As planned by the architect, the house should have more straight angles, a flat roof, a console and hemispherical windows to make the building look more futuristic.
Space Style Home for a Small Family
The first consultation with the architect took place in our office, where we discussed the main tasks and wishes of the client.
It was important to him to create a house that would not only be comfortable for life, but also reflect his taste, understanding of beauty and his uniqueness. This villa is his dream come true.
Details are Important
The client admires the space theme and wants a modern, sophisticated home in a unique style.
The time they wake up; if they like to have the sun in the bedroom in the morning; if they want a swimming pool; if they do sports; how often they meet with friends; if they have big parties; how many cars they have; do they have pets, and so on.
We prepared a statement of work and learned many details about the client and his family.
State-of-the-Art Concept
10 meters high picture window in a living room overlooking the terrace with a sculpture makes the space lighter and brighter.
Black and white were chosen as the main colors in the design because the family prioritizes calmness and concentration.
Objects of art, such as original paintings in a modern style, sculptures and living plants, will serve as bright accents.
Concept Video
Floor Plan
First floor
Second floor
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Exterior and House Areas
The exterior of the house was implemented in the contrast of two colors - black and white. Fiber cement panels Equitone were used in the finishing of the building facades.
The advantages of such panels are that they are super durable, and depending on the angle of view and the incidence of sunlight, the contrasts and shades of the panel change throughout the day.
Another important idea of ​​the house was the zonal division of a large space. With the help of a glass junction, we were able to distinguish between the main and recreation areas. The inspiration for such a junction was the spacecraft lock.
The three-story house includes two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), a gym, a cinema with a lounge area and a bar on the ground floor, a spacious living room that merges with the dining room and a kitchen on the ground floor. Additional bedrooms are located on the top floor.
Interior Design
The interior idea is a natural continuation of the basic concept. We tried to stick to modern style and minimalism.
In addition, a lot of different kinds of lighting were used in the interior to accentuate certain areas and create curios illusions of light.
The backlighting gives the interior a special look, and it can be adjusted depending on the mood. Each room has at least 3 different lighting scenarios.
Particular attention is paid to the details of the interior because they form a complete picture without flaws.
In the interior a designer furniture made of high quality materials was used, which is preferred by connoisseurs of refined luxury.
Interior by room
Living room
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