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SPA in Razdory‎‎

Monochrome SPA and Wellness complex

Tasks and objectives

We encountered an unusual task - to design a SPA zone. It had to be made calm and quiet, as opposed to brighter and more catchy interior of the house main part.


Monochrome minimalism is basic here. We used only neutral colors and kept to calm design solutions. The result is a harmonious and well-balanced interior.
Swimming pool
Shower room


The SPA and Wellness part of this house comprise several zones: a swimming pool, a lounge, a bathroom, a dressing room and a gym.
The lounge area is also divided into several parts: kitchen, bar, sofa and dining area. Having tested several options, we managed to create the most functional design of this area.
The gym consists of several small rooms on two floors. The cardio area is located on the first floor, and weight equipment is placed on the second floor.
Gym 1
Gym 2
Locker room

Furniture and materials

Three types of materials were used in the decoration, namely, plaster, porcelain stoneware and wood panels. All of them are mainly made in a sandy shade, there is also the color of natural wood used. Such calm shades allow you to set yourself towards rest in the SPA zone.

Project features

The swimming pool area’s decoration is dominated by sand porcelain stoneware. However, for the ceiling we used wood-like aluminum, and for the columns we used larch, that withstands moisture.
In the swimming pool itself, we worked out an unusual solution - the use of a slot drain instead of a grate. It enhanced the monochrome effect and allowed us to save some additional space.
Both gyms are designed in a minimalist style. The first floor has its own highlight - sliding glass windows. Owing to that, in the summer, one can play sports outside without leaving the house. The swimming pool and the lounge both have the same feature.
The bathroom deserves special attention, it differs from all the other rooms. This happened because the client had already purchased plumbing fixtures even before the work started, and those fixtures were uncommon ones.
We decided to focus on them. To perform all this, we made the floor and walls dark, that visually separated the bathroom from other spaces in pastel colors.
Last but not least, we made a complex staircase that connects the gyms. It consists of three parts: a metal frame inside, plywood lining and steps made of artificial stone.

Author’s word

It was an interesting and unusual project, and we have succeeded in turning some bold ideas into reality. Ultimately, it turned out to be exactly what the client wanted — a gentle and calm SPA & Wellness complex with all the necessary amenities.
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