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Chalet in a modern style

Tasks and objectives

Our main assignment was to create and implement stylish solutions for a country family house. At the client’s request, it was essentially to focus on functionality and simplicity of design.


The concept is mainly based on a modern chalet with wooden finishing, which is characteristic of a chalet. The materials used on the facades have become interior’s continuation.
At the same time, we have combined classic chalet features with modern details.
Living room
Bathroom 1
Nursery 1
Nursery 2
Bathroom 2


A convenient elongated layout of the house provided a means of efficient space zoning, arranging the rooms in the following order: kitchen, dining room, living room.
With such a layout, the dining area becomes the space center, accented with atypical lamps and bright chairs.
An attractive detail of the living room is a long bio-fireplace in the sofa area. It is a part of zoning, as well as the wall with the fixed TV.
Behind these rooms there are several bedrooms — a parents' one, two children ones, and some guests' ones.
Hall 1st and 2nd floor
Guest room
Bathroom 3
Dressing room

Project features

We used Japanese inclusions in the design, namely, sakura, hieroglyphs and other elements. With the help of them, we have managed to make the interior more alive and filled with additional Feng Shui meanings.
Moreover, we didn’t use veneer as the major wood, which would be characteristic of minimalism, we used natural boards that are timber’s imitation. With such boards the whole space looks warmer and far more comfortable.

Author’s word

There are projects and houses that I personally would love to live in, this is just the case. The project went smoothly and quickly, all decisions were well received by the clients. It turned out to be a house that absorbs you with its comfort, the house that you do not want to leave.
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