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Minimalistic Commercial Project

Tasks and Aims

Our task was to create a commercial project for construction and sale. A modern premium class house for a small family.
A particular attention was paid to the liquidity of the project. We provided the possibility to increase the area of ​​the house at the expense of additional residential blocks.
Land area
1000 sq.m
Total floor space
200 sq.m
The house is made in the most progressive and universal minimalistic style. Customers prefer this style for its modern aesthetics, elegant simplicity and high functionality.
Project Architecture
The cross arrangement of the story blocks was not chosen by chance: it allowed us to adapt the project to the area.
We used monolithic frame technology, panoramic windows and flat roofs. For the facades we chose high quality fine-grained plaster. For this purpose you can also use fiber cement panels and porcelain stoneware. It depends on the preferences of the client.
Floor Plan
The first floor is divided into residential and technical blocks. The living room has a bedroom and a kitchen-living room with panoramic windows overlooking a pine forest.
The technical block contains an entrance hall, a boiler room and a bathroom. A master bedroom with a balcony, two smaller bedrooms and a bathroom are located on the second floor and share the same corridor.
Thanks to the non-standard stories layout, we allocated a spacious private roof terrace on the ground floor with a stunning view on the pine forest. You can enter it from the common corridor on the second floor.
Project Highlights
We wanted to design an object that many will love, so we strived for balance between versatility and bold solutions. The result is a modern, functional, yet striking and unusual house.
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